“I want to look like myself, but better”

Bridal Makeup Artist

Bridal makeup is where it all began for me so will always hold a special place in my heart. I always feel so Honoured to play such a part in someone’s special day. Having been a bride myself, I know how important your wedding day is, it’s the first day of forever, after all.

“I want to look like myself, but better” is by far the most common said phrase to me at a bridal trial. Makeup is not one size fits all, and this description can mean something different for everyone. The meaning however is the same – you want to look the prettiest you have ever felt without me caking it on. I completely understand!

How I Work

During your bridal makeup trial I need to get a feel for your comfort zone with makeup, what you consider a “made up look” or “day to day”.
I will ask you many questions such as:

How do you wear your makeup in the day?
Do you change it for a night out?
Do you fill your brows in, if so how?
Are you an eyeliner girl?

This is so you never feel uncomfortable having your makeup applied, and we get ‘YOUR‘ perfect look right.

The makeup application is about YOU and what makes YOU feel good. I want to take your best features, and make them POP! The aim is timeless elegant makeup tailored to you.

Bridal Makeup Artist
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